1. Break Away

From the recording Big Lies


Please press one to be frustrated
Please press two to be bored
Please press three to be sedated
Please press four to be ignored

Please assume the position
Do not step outside the lines
Raise your hand and ask permission
Follow rules obey the signs

No I will not take a number
I will not do as you say
I will not march to your drummer
Come on darling break away

Come with me we'll find a way
Oh it’s your choice come out and play
Oh if you want you can stay
Oh I'll be fine either way
Oh come with me we’ll breakaway

email efile esign edate
ebank eshop elove ehate
emeet elearn elive ewait
No need to participate

We’re experts doctors statisticians
You don’t need to think too much
Mergers buyouts acquisitions
Kinder gentler zombie touch

I believe without a doubt
We're not supposed to live this way
Thank's I'll show myself out
Come on darling breakaway


You'll go where the system leads you
Interaction quarantine
You'll see just what facebook feeds you
Life lived in a four inch screen

Soon you will think nothing of it
Mandates checkpoints masks and locks
Give it time you'll learn to love it
Life inside your private box

Sure it's for my own protection
Safety and security
Thanks I’m going my own direction
Come on darling breakaway


We will tell you what is best
What to read and say and think
When to work and when to rest
Which flavor cool-aid you should drink

Join the herd and find a spot
Now that you've had your vaccine
Welcome to the big feedlot
Just ignore that huge machine

No I don't need your permission
May I please go out and play
Life should be an expedition
Come on darling breakaway