From the recording The Best Is Yet To Come


From the second we are born
To the moment we've expired
We all need somebody else
It’s the one thing we desired
We don't leave with anything
But the love that we've acquired
And it's how we came to be
A man and woman conspired
I say this notion with emotion
An idea that I've admired
If we came with a label
Some assembly required

Everything's interconnected
People planets atoms cells
Life's a mirror we're reflected
We're all part of something else
We're all pieces of the puzzle
We're all slices of the pie
We're all keys on the piano
We're all voices in the choir
E pluribus unum
The idea is quite inspired
We're all members of one tribe
Some assembly required

So don't let some politician
Bureaucrat or other liar
Say we need to stay apart
That old story's getting tired
Life is better lived together
You will find if you've inquired
We're not meant to be alone
It just ain't how we are wired
We are better off united
If you're feeling so inspired
I will give you a big hug
Some assembly required