From the recording The Best Is Yet To Come


There's a man in the mirror
And he's staring back at me
Asking me if I'm the person
That I really want to be
Tasking me with what appears
An impossibility
Telling me that only I
Can set me free
Someday I will be gone
To where the sky meets the sea
Wonder what will be the story
They will tell about me

Be your own hero
Be your own hero
You've got nothing to fear so
Be your own hero
You already know
The right thing to do
Be the kind of person
You would look up to

Do the right thing fearlessly
Tell yourself the truth
Then tell it to me

Not your sister not your brother
Not the pope not the dean
Not the basketball champ
Not the preacher not the queen
Not the genius on the cover
Of the magazine
Not the sexy superstar
On your sixty inch screen
Of course you're afraid
That's what being brave means
Be the hero of your story
Direct your own scene


Life isn't a test
It isn't even a quiz
You got something we need
But only you know what it is
Whatever you think you lack
Take a lesson from the wiz
Brains heart courage
The gifts weren't his
They're already inside
You just gotta get them out
Jump into the struggle
That's what hero is about