From the recording Big Lies


There's a little tiny bug and it's
So small you can't conceive it
It's making mice of mighty men
You just would not believe it

It's got us in a lockdown
And we're dying by decrees
One thing's for sure and that's the cure
Is worse than the disease

So don’t be scared life should be shared
Come closer to me dear
We may be gone tomorrow
But today we're all right here
Show your face and we'll embrace
I’ll hold you if you ask
But if you think I'm here to live in fear
Well you can kiss my mask
You can kiss my mask
You can kiss my mask
If you think I'm here to live in fear
Well you can kiss my mask

We must quarantine and disinfect
Don't sneeze or cough or wheeze
'Cause there's nothing worse on this sweet earth
Than catching this disease

Your figures don't add up
Your regulations make no sense
You've made a hug of one I love
A criminal offense


You say you've got things well in hand
You say you're gonna fix this
But all we hear is constant fear
Lies, damned lies, and statistics

And I don't claim to know the truth
But of one fact I'm certain
You've tried and tried your best to hide
The man behind the curtain


You want to see me groveling
And asking pretty please
I won't bow down like some fool clown
Or get on hands and knees

We've weathered worse an awful curse
Pandemic's nothing new
And this you must realize is just
A bad case of the flu


So let's gather in the nearest pub
At every opportunity
Life's a dance so take a chance
And celebrate community

And get real close and raise a toast
And mingle with impunity
You'll thank us then later when
We've built up herd immunity