1. I Don't Care

From the recording Big Lies


Political affiliation
Sexual orientation
Gender expression
Military obligation

Height disability
Faith ideology
Be who you need to be
It don't mean a thing to me

I don't care I don't care
What's beneath your underwear
Or the color of your skin
Or the kind of clothes you wear
I don't care black or white
I don't care man or woman
I don't care left or right
I only see a human

Put out the fire with vaseline
Or motor oil or whipped cream

Front or back fast or slow
I don't even want to know
I don't care which way you flow
Just don't make me watch the show


I don't care what god you worship
Local or long distance call
Him or her or it or them
Three in one or none at all

Sex gender trans status
Do you know the very latest
Last week’s labels have betrayed us
Some folks want to try and bait us

Whatever tags you choose wear
Do you think we can be friends
Whatever cross you choose to bear
Are we seeking the same ends
Identity is not a weapon
We're all inmates in this zoo
Everybody's got a story
Don't forget I’ve got one too

Do you want me to be honest
Or should I try to be real
The last thing you want is me
Telling you how I feel

So I'll pretend that I like you
If you'll pretend I'm not a jerk
We can share this planet
We can make it work