From the recording A Sweeter Song


She lives in a shack
By the railroad track
She's missing teeth
And her nails are black

She takes a drag
From an off-brand fag
And a swig from a bottle
In a brown paper bag
She's somebody's mother
Somebody's mother

There is no other
There is no other
There is father there is mother
There is sister there is brother
There is friend there is rival
There is partner there is lover
But there is no other
There is no other

He drives a Bentley
He is evidently
A man of means
He speaks arrogantly

Banker on Wall Street
Luxury suite
He’s just like you and me
He wears his shoes on his feet
He's somebody's brother
Somebody's brother


Beauty's only skin deep
Love runs clean to the bone
The same red blood

Flows in everybody's veins
There's no such thing as alone

She's from south of the border
She took my order
She picked my fruit
But I ignored her

She don't speak my tongue
Or mingle among
My friends and neighbors
She’s a hero unsung
She's somebody's lover
Somebody's lover