1. A Sweeter Song

From the recording A Sweeter Song


Ain't nothing new about the news
Yeah it's still the same old con
It never really changes
It drones on and on and on

It just drowns out the sound
The music of the spheres
And you can't hear the singing
For the ringing in your ears

But listen closely to the silence
And you’ll hear a sacred sound
In the storm there is a stillness
You stand on holy ground
You're hearing a sweeter song

A sweeter song
A sweeter song
It echoes through the valleys
In the mountains it gets strong
You can hear it in your heartbeat
'Cause it's been there all along
Ain't no doubt about it
You're hearing a sweeter song

You can't buy it in Walmart
It ain't for sale on Amazon
It won't come up on Google
Or on Facebook Babylon

You know it's hard to hear the tune
It takes some guts to sing along
Seems like no one else can hear it
So you think you must be wrong

But if your mind is quiet
You will hear the sacred choir
You can join the ancient voices
It will set your soul on fire
You’re singing a sweeter song