From the recording Enjoy The Ride


My name is Brad Borch and I approved this message.

We went out and voted
We did as we were told
So why does the new boss
Act exactly like the old

The house always wins
No matter who I choose
The game's always fixed
Heads you win tails I lose

You give me no choice
You give me no choice
You give me no voice
You give me no choice

You talk about hope
You talk about change
The only change is the deck chairs
Have all been rearranged

You want me to choose
One loser or the other
That's a clever ruse
That's a setup brother

Hustler weasel hypocrite
Republican democrat
Senile egomaniac
War monger kleptocrat

Narcissistic asshat
Racist sexist baiter brat
Buffoon shyster plutocrat
Sycophantic diplomat

Kickback bribe tit for tat
Lobbyist aristocrat
Turd poop BS scat
Pathologic bureaucrat

Pedophile doormat
Vulture huckster polecat
Gonna need a bigger hat

Geriatric technocrat
Grifter con man cow pat
Blood sucking leech gnat
Conniving creepy coup d'etat

Banker lawyer liar rat
Politician vampire bat
Twisted swindler fat cat
What kind of f#*$ing choice is that

You call that a choice
You call that a vote
You've got to be kidding
I call that a joke

I get to pick where you stick me
I get to choose the place
I get to pick where you kick me
In the crotch or in the face


You fooled me before
It's a bloody shame
If it happens again
Just myself to blame

I'm walking away
I'm leaving today
You give me no choice
Nothing more I can say

F*** off
Go away
Leave me alone
Get lost