From the recording The Best Is Yet To Come


I just bumped into the man in the mirror
He leaned in nearer to see me clearer
He got an odd look and he took a long toke
Then he joked and spoke it'll all go up in smoke

So I took another puff of that stuff in my lungs
That's when the bloke started speaking in tongues
He said "I’m a solipsist what are you?"
I said if you insist I'll be one of them too

Nothing happened today
It just occurred to me
Nothing happened today
It just occurred to me
Nothing is precisely
What it appears to be
And everything's exactly
The way it's supposed to be

He said I swore you've seen me here before
You checked your ego there at the door
Then you went out by going further in
About then is when my head started to spin

The mirror was a window and the wall was a door
The closet was a hall and the ceiling was a floor
So I set my conscience up on the shelf
And I had a little lover's spat with myself

The mask I show pure braggadocio
I worry and I hurry to go with the flow
I haven't been everywhere I go
And I don't believe everything know

My ears are ringing but nobody answers
I can’t hear the singing but I’m one of the dancers
I carry the tune in an old suitcase
And a mask to hide the smile on my face

The thief of dreams came and robbed me blind
Leaving nothing but a rumor behind in my mind
My muse blew a fuse cause she'd been offended
My poetic license has been suspended

Every time I beat myself up in a fight
It makes a lot more heat than light
So I'll take off my mask and try something new
And I will be we when me becomes you