1. Heaven Knows

From the recording A Sweeter Song


This is a song for you my friend
If you feel more than when I began
If I have played some hidden chord
Eye has not seen, ear has not heard

This is my gift born of a dream
This is my soul offered to you
Take it to use for dreams of your own
It was a gift free to me too

So let's believe
The best we can conceive
Heaven knows how far we'll go
When we believe truly believe

When you come to mind
I can see you with a smile
Arms open wide I know inside
Sweet and just as a child

And when I think of you my friend
I see your face so full of grace
Your lovely eyes I realize
There is a love that never will end

Each minute waits to be an hour
And with each day the years will fly
Until tomorrow is forever
We say so long but not goodbye

So this is farewell
Just for now, just for a while
Someday I'll see you again my soul
In a place where all is made whole

Until then keep us alive
Memories shared smiles revived
And if you feel like you're on your own
Know that you're never truly alone