From the recording The Best Is Yet To Come


All your life you got it straight from magazines
In depth insight from the man behind the scenes
Neat clean stories with the pictures in between
Now the truth comes and you don't know what it means

This reality this banality
This brutality is normality
You can see the pictures
You can hear the music
When the power goes dead
It's still in your head
You're bruised and confused
You can refuse to be abused
You can choose to lose
This addiction to the news

Put down your phone
Put down your f*#%ing phone
And look at me

Spoon fed headlines ate them right out of the can
Processed cleaned up and placed neatly in your hand
You never questioned why the truth seemed so bland
You couldn't tell the difference between filet mignon and spam

Unmanned probes float serenely through space
Sending us pictures of worlds unknown
Supernovas and black holes dance with grace
You watch cats on YouTube video