1. Enjoy The Ride

From the recording Enjoy The Ride


"For your safety while on attractions, please keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the vehicle at all times"

We’re almost at the top. Full stop
We’re coming to a curve time to swerve
We’re going round the bend it's a trend
Throw your hands in the air if you dare

We're going down the tubes
We're going out of our minds
We're going nowhere fast
We're falling behind
It's a hell of a journey
It's a heavenly trip
The secret is never get used to it
Open your eyes real wide
Enjoy the ride

To those who are wise time to rise
To those with ears to hear have no fear
To those who have eyes no surprise
To those who can see let it be

We're all a million miles from home
Headed for parts unknown
A voyage we take alone
Peasant or king upon a throne
We're all a million miles
A million miles from home

Led by crooks and fools, It's the rule
Divide and conquer by decree, it’s policy
But when living things arise, surprise surprise
What they try to divide multiplies