From the recording A Sweeter Song

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I heard you say
The news today
Was breaking your heart
Shaking your faith apart
You've been betrayed
And you've been played
By someone you trusted
Someone you thought
Couldn’t be bought

But the sun will come up tomorrow
Winter will give way to spring
I got some faith you can borrow
I got a song you can sing

Plans and schemes
Hopes and dreams
You've had few
More than a few that fell through
Hurts and fears
Grief and tears
I've got them too
I'm no different I'm just like you

But I want you to know my friend Louie
Despite bad news you may have heard
It's still a wonderful world Louie
It's still a wonderful world

And as long as blood flows in this body
And as long as there’s breath in these bones
And as long as this heart keeps on doing its part
You won’t shoulder this burden alone
You won’t walk through this world on your own

All alone
On a giant stone
As it hurtles through space
At a perilous pace
We can choose
We can win or lose
We can make space
A place at the table
For the whole human race