From the recording The Best Is Yet To Come


Come on come on come on come on let's go
Come on come on come on come on
Hug your monkey
(Your brain soup's chunky)
Hug your monkey
(Cogitation’s clunky)
Hug your monkey
(Meditation junky)
Hug your monkey
(Take a deep breath and hug your monkey)

Fainthearted voice in my head
The panicked things that it said
When it's screaming fear and dread
I am choosing faith instead

My monkey mind says nope
But I still have some hope
It’s like soap on a rope
It ain't much but it helps me cope

I don't need that new thing
That how much can I accrue thing
It won't help me sing or swing
It's just an apron string

I'm feeding the wolf
That freaks me out the least
It's helped quite a bit
But he's still a hungry beast

I don't need to feel afraid
Or ashamed or betrayed
Mistakes I think I made
Just moves in the game I played