From the recording A Sweeter Song


Woke up broke and empty handed
Didn't fit in where I'd landed
Lonely lost low down and stranded
So bad I nearly cried

Brushed my teeth and combed my hair
Put on my last pair of clean underwear
Stepped out stuck my thumb in the air
And just stood there roadside

Wasn't more than a minute or two
A big diesel rig pulled into view
Driver said "I got room for you"
And so I hopped inside

A long white beard and a robe of gray
A smile that said it's gonna be ok
Twinkle in his eyes a giveaway
I was in for quite a ride

Until we set our selves aside
Until we lose our foolish pride
We'll be forever damned to ride
The road to nowhere
The road to nowhere
I swear I’ve seen you there
We'll be forever damned to ride
The road to nowhere

I reached across and shook his hand
I told him everything I'd planned
He chuckled and said "ain't that grand"
We began to drive on through

We drove on all that day
Passing exits on the way
Each one had a sign to say
Where the ramp led to

Muslim atheist catholic jew
Protestant LGBTQ
Buddhist democrat socialist too
Some ancient and some new

Baptist republican anarchist
Capitalist and communist
Hindu taoist scientist
An exit for them too

On the outskirts of some lonely town
I drifted off the sun went down
Woke up the same old place I'd found
Was coming into view

I was never into politics
Didn't really get my kicks
Double dealin' dirty tricks
Never did it's true

I tried religion many years
Studied read led by fears
Spoke in tongues shed some tears
Yea I did that too

Most every exit I had tried
None of them was me inside
But I couldn't just forever ride
I didn’t know what to do


As we passed one exit by
Something about it caught my eye
The sign was broke the weeds were high
He stopped and I just knew

As I jumped down he gave me a grin
Said "I'll see you again my friend"
When I asked him where and when
He winked and waved adieu

Long ago the sign had read
"Nowhere" I laughed and shook my head
Because "Now here" was what it said
The sign was split in two

Nowhere's a great place to be
Because you're now here with me
You don't need no identity
Just be here, be you