From the recording Enjoy The Ride


It's for sale, I never use it
It's just here collecting dust
Show me cash, I won't refuse it
It's all busted, caked with rust

It's my poor poor poor old
Poor old broken heart
It's my poor poor poor old
Poor old broken heart

Good for salvage parts or scrap
One man's trash another's treasure
Gnaw my leg off in this trap
One man's pain another's pleasure

No I don't believe in love
Not the kind you're thinking of
No it isn't love to blame
If it goes it never came

Deformed defunct defiled defaced
It's all shrunk and quite infected
Move it out I need the space
For all the junk that I've collected

Fifty cents on the dollar
It's a deal at twice the price
Otherwise it's the junk hauler
Take it now, that's my advice

It was crooked warped and twisted
But it was still a part of me
Now it's gone I kind of miss it
Sad I ever set it free

Now it's gone, it's for the best
I can join the human race
Still there's a hole here in my chest
Maybe I can find a place for