1. Big Lies

From the recording Big Lies


First you tell a lie
And then you repeat it
Repeat it long enough
And people will believe it

Big lies big lies
Wolves in sheep's disguise
If you told me the truth
Then I'd be surprised
Public relations
Censorship suppression
Weapons of mass deception

Big lies big lies
Hit me right between the eyes
Every time you advertise
Distort and destabilize
Pushing buttons pulling strings
Manipulate and mislead
Driven by your greed
Filthy waters dirty skies

Psychosocial engineers
You play with us like toys
Preying on our hopes and fears
Masters of misdirection
You say pay no attention
To the man behind the curtain
The only truth I know for certain
Is you're
Selling me
Big lies

"The lie can be maintained
only for such time as
the State can shield the people
from the political, economic
and military consequences
of the lie.
It thus becomes vitally important
for the State
to use all of its powers
to repress dissent,
for the truth is
the mortal enemy of the lie,
and thus by extension,
the truth is the greatest enemy
of the State."

Big media
Big tech
Big news
Big defense
Big oil
Big insurance
Big business
Big surveillance

Big pharma
Big medicine
Big banking
Big government
Big fraud
Big law
Big brother
Big claw

War on covid
War on poverty
It's a cold cold war
It's a war on you and me
Spin doctors peddle
Marketer makers meddle
Let's call it what it is
War on reality

War on terror
War on crime
War on drugs
War all the time
Brother sister
Don't be blind
The war
Is for
Your mind

Big lies big lies
Not everybody buys
Yeah it's time to arise
It’s time we realize
We are humans not resources
We've been asleep too long
It is time for goodbyes
We are done
With your
Big lies